April 27, 2012

  • Tough Mudder prep

    It's still a long way off, but I was reading the ToughMudder.com site more carefully, particularly descriptions of common obstacles or "challenges" I'll encounter on the course. Some of these seem like they will be pure fun, like running through flames or jumping off a 15' high platform into a body of water-- that's just the old 3-meter board, no big deal.

    Others are purely athletic challenges, like the monkey-bar bridge, the rope climb, or the log-carry up a steep hill. I am training for those.

    But from the looks of it, some Tough Mudder "challenges" will be much easier to accomplish (or endure) if I bring the right gear with me. Like swim goggles (for the underwater section of the muddy sewer-pipe crawl), and a compact latex poncho (to get past the 10,000-volt wires). Although that latter trick might disqualify me. But I do not like electrical shocks.  

    And I'm thinking about the nature of the race in general, and what sort of gear and clothing would be most appropriate. Obviously I'll want clothing I can run in while soaking wet and muddy; I'll have to think carefully about shoes and socks (at least 10 of the 12 miles I'll be running wet).  Gloves came immediately to mind, and TM's own site affirms that guess.  Some lightweight knee protection for all the crawling, and also the rope climb.

    Then there's hydration, and sun protection if it's sunny-- it might be overcast and cold, or even raining. I must find out what the normal weather has been in the past, for that week!  Whatever the weather, staying hydrated during the whole strenuous event will be a significant issue. My current weekender pack has a hydration bag and tube in it, but the pack itself is way too big & heavy for this. Platypus bottles? Water bottles in belt holsters? Hmmmm...

    Open to ideas!

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