September 27, 2012

  • Training on the TrT

    This afternoon was my last tapering-off workout before the ToughMudder, just (24+hours:minutes left today+10:40hours tomorrow) from now.  I biked up the fire road past Brewer's driveway and the Buchanan Road drop-in of the Tahoe Rim Trail, up to the new branch of the TrT that takes you up and around the homes around South Benjamin Drive, past the Boulder Base Lodge development, across the North Bowl lift line and down to the official "Kingsbury South" trailhead at Stagecoach.

    Here's the turnoff from our fire road, there on the right. It's marked with a wooden post lettered in yellow, and three pink surveyor flags... people still miss it sometimes!

       "Boulder P/L" is short for "Boulder Base Parking Lot". That's my borrowed bike leaning against the tree.

    Here's how it looks as you turn off the fire road and begin the new trail. You cross Edgewood Creek immediately and start up the dusty trail with wet tires flicking grit up at you:

    Official signage like this is required whenever you leave a Forest Service road and begin a  trail like the TrT or the PCT:


    Here is a small portion of this segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail, high on a ridge, winding among boulders and logs. Can you find my bike?  
    This photo looked a lot better on my computer. It is a panoramic photo, but appears cropped here for some reason. Maybe if you click on it, it will appear in its own window, properly sized? 

    Since I'm supposed to be "tapering off" and taking it easy, I limited myself to an hour of climbing out, taking me just a little further than this photo (continuing off the right side of the trail shown).  Heading back to the fire road was a lot quicker, although I had issues with a very large log, and a couple of tricky sets of boulders, which were easier to climb up through than to descend. Once I got to the fire road, it only took me eleven minutes downhill to Fjeldheim!

    Now I'm up way too late. Need sleep before the Mudder.

    But if you read my earlier posts and know I am doing the Tough Mudder in order to raise awareness of, and support for, the Tahoe Rim Trail-- and in doing so, to honor my mom's memory-- then you are ready for the Details About Giving! Here it is, short and sweet:

         • Go to

         • Decide to become a member of the TRTA! Or give a one-time donation if you like.

         • Check the box "In Tribute (Honorary or Memorial Gift)-- put "Nic Nelson" in the box, so they will know you are a sincere and generous friend of mine, whom I deeply appreciate.

    If you are mailing them a check instead, put my name in the memo line.

    If you have no desire to give to the TRTA, just ignore the last five paragraphs.

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