August 12, 2012

  • Disambiguation Dismay: Diablo Canyon, not Northstar-at-Tahoe

    Okay, I am embarrassed: there are actually TWO Tough Mudders in NorCal, and I signed up for the one on September 29... which is NOT the one in Tahoe. The Tahoe Tough Mudder will be held Sept. 22-23, a weekend that's been booked firm for a long time on my calendar.

    The NorCal Tough Mudder on the 29th will take place in Diablo Canyon in the vicinity of Mt. Diablo, the tallest peak in the San Francisco/San Jose neighborhood.  It sounds like it will be one of the more difficult Tough Mudders (tho none of them are exactly easy)-- a full twelve miles in what seems to be very hilly terrain. But it's a three hour drive from Fjeldheim!  My start time isn't until 10:40am, but still, do I want to drive (i.e. sit bent and still) for three solid hours right before a Tough Mudder?!

    ...Well, this will work out fine. I will train for a week in Tahoe (at 7,000', at least 1,000' higher elevation than Diablo Canyon!), then drive to my brother and sister-in-law's house on Friday for dinner and a good sleep.  Saturday morning it will be just an hour drive from JP and Julie's house to Diablo Canyon.

    I'll bet running along the Tahoe Rim Trail will be good training for this Tough Mudder. Or, thinking of the 165-Mile Club, might it be the other way around? 

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